Audeon Receivers

The Audeon RX7 Receiver is the latest receiver in the Audeon range. The RX7 is designed for permanent attachment to the fitness equipment. With a flexible mounting system, and new improved controls and display - it can be programmed like the RX6.
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The Audeon RX6 Receiver supercedes the RX5. It physically resembles the RX5 but has improved software which allows the installer to program the channel frequencies without the need for external hardware, along with other improvements.
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The Audeon RX5 Receiver is designed to work with the Multi Channel Transmitter (MCTX) and the Single Channel Transmitter (SCTX). The 16 channel frequencies are selected using a single select button near to the volume control on the front panel.
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* All Audeon Products are Designed and Manufactured in the UK *