Aftersales Service

RX5 / RX6 / RX7 Service

In addition to the repair of any reported faults, we will:

  1. Charge the battery for 24 hours. (RX5 / RX6)
  2. Replace the battery where required. (RX5 / RX6)
  3. Replace the volume knob, if required. (RX5 / RX6)
  4. Change the battery clip, if required. (RX5 / RX6)
  5. Change the headphone lead.
  6. Change the screws, if required.
  7. Change the case, if required.
  8. Check and re-tune the radio frequency circuits.
  9. Replace the display panel and waterproof membrane if required.
  10. Listen to the receiver to check that it functions properly.
  11. Provide a 3-month 'back to base' limited warranty.

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For service and technical advice call our helpline +44(0) 0113 252 5582