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Title: The Engineers Guide to Programming PICs
Author: John Varley B.Eng, C.Eng, MIEE

Publication Date: September 1998 ISBN: 0-9534126-0-1
No. of pages: 120 Size: 297 x 211mm
Price: £17.95 Binding: Paperback


Microcontrollers are now used in a large number of electronic applications where previously logic ICs or relays were used. This book is intended as an introduction to programming for those who are not familiar with PICs or microcontrollers and it is the first part of a series of books which will explain all aspects of constructing programs.

The first chapters are written in detail and start with a simple program which is then developed as the reader progresses through the book. Also included are instructions on how to use the software supplied by Microchip (MPLAB, MPASM, MPSIM) using both the DOS and Windows environment.

Each Chapter is intended to cover a particular topic and has a number of examples showing the flow chart, assembler code and the register status for each instruction. Where the contents of a register change in the examples they are highlighted in red for easy reference. The instructions which the reader will need to perform on a computer are also highlighted so that the reader is able to follow the program flow easily. At the end of each chapter the reader will be able to construct useful code to meet real life specifications.

If the book is used as the basis for a course then the lecturer will be able to use the program examples and the register charts with blank spaces for the students to complete as assignments.

Further books in the series will guide the reader to construct routines and programs which will enable them to design complex equipment for embedded systems.


This book is for;

Students who are studying BTEC National in Electronics or Microcontrollers Engineers who wish to learn about PIC microcontrollers Hobbyists who are constructing projects using PIC microcontrollers