M-Jay Electronics Limited was formed in 1977 to manufacture high quality sound equipment for professional recording studios. Today it is the manufacturing company within the M-Jay Group and is responsible for the design and manufacture of a range of high power audio amplifiers. The company is also very active in the design of microcontroller based products for the control of many processes.

Wireless Audio Systems

We provide a range of wireless audio solutions for gyms and leisure facilities under the registered trademark Audeon. For more information, visit the Audeon pages.

High power audio amplifiers

The company manufactures audio equipment using the registered trade mark of SoundMaster. To see our range of audio products visit the SoundMaster pages.

PIC microcontroller project boards

To support the book "The Engineers Guide to Programming PICs" by John Varley a range of project boards have been introduced. These PCBs are suitable for students and engineers to try code without the requirement to manufacture a PCB.

DIN rail mounting interface boards

A range of interface boards to facilitate the interconnection of electronic to electrical equipment in the manufacture of electrical control panels.