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Scoreboard Installations for Small and Medium size Clubs
From just 6 digits up to 64 digits with digit sizes from 5" to 15"

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Ashover CC

The design brief was to fit the scoreboard into the window space in the umpire's changing room.
The club were unable to obtain planning permission for an external scoreboard as it is situated in the Peak District National Park
  • 5 x 10" digits for Total and Overs
  • 1 x 10" +1 digit for Wickets
  • Umpires light
  • Max power 3.0 amps at 12vDC = 36 watts

Alberbury CC

The ground at Alberbury CC is located just inside the Welsh border with England on the other side of the river which borders the eastern edge of the ground.
The scoreboard is mounted on a brick and stone wall which was built by one of the members. Many clubs have admired this simple design for its clean look and the view of the cows in the next field. The 3 sticks are not the wickets but a style between the fields.
Data and power are connected by wires via an underground duct between the pavillion and the scoreboard.
  • 10 x 12" digits
  • 3 x 12"+1 digits
  • Umpires light
  • Max power 3.0 amps at 12vDC = 36 watts
  • Size 1.83 metres x 1.83 metres
  • Scoreboard weight 90Kg

Lightcliffe CC

Lightcliffe CC are one of the top clubs in the Bradford League. In July 2012 the club decided that their ancient scoreboard was only fit for the Industrial Museum and decided to invest in a state of the art electronic scoreboard from Bespoke Scoreboards.
The club members replaced the fascia and took the opportunity to repair the scorebox and paint the outside.
The system has a wireless controller which can be either used from the pavillion or inside the scorebox. The digits are mounted on a back board with polycarbonate windows.
  • 6 x 12" digits
  • 2 x 12"+1 digits
  • 6 x 10" digits
  • 1 x 10"+1 digit
  • 2 x 8"+1 digits
  • Umpires light
  • Wireless receiver with external aerial
  • Wireless control panel
  • Max power 3.0 amps at 12vDC = 36 watts

St. Edwards School Oxford

A legacy enabled St. Edwards School to buy a new scoreboard to replace the old wheeled wooden hut. The design required a scoreboard which looked like a giant TV screen with a traditional layout for the digits.
The scoreboard was made with black anodised aluminium for the housing and mounted on a plinth which looked like a TV stand. Mains power is supplied from a cabinet in the grounds of the playing field with the 12v DC power pack inside the scoreboard. The system is wireless with the control panel located in the old pavillion on the far side of the ground.
  • 31 digits
  • 3 x 12" digits for Total
  • 1 x 12"+1 digit for Wickets
  • 22 x 10" digits for Overs, Batsman's Scores, Extras, Last Man, Last Wicket, Runs Required and 1st innings
  • 2 x 8"+1 digits Batsman's numbers
  • Umpires light
  • Wireless receiver with internal aerial
  • Wireless control panel with external aerial
  • Max power 15.0 amps at 12vDC = 180 watts

A Bespoke Scoreboard will enhance your club's image and make the game exciting for both the players and spectators.

  • A fantastic and easy way to display the score for medium size or school cricket clubs.
  • Replaces using "tins" so you are always up to date.
  • Easy to use
  • Fully compatible with our other digital systems.
  • High visibility amber 8", 10", 12" and 15" inch digits which can be seen from over 100 metres distance.
  • Strong polycarbonate fascia to protect the display in case of a "six"
  • Will work from a 12v leisure battery (88 ampere hours for 14 hours play)
  • Price includes the control panel, power supply and all leads

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