Bespoke Scoreboards
Portable Scoreboard Controller

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Operating Instructions


  • Easy to use.
  • Looks like a conventional scoreboard.
  • Mistakes are easily undone.
  • All operations require the use of two buttons (except the umpires light) to avoid accidental operation.
  • Strong lightweight carry case.
  • Fully compatible with our 32 digit system.
  • Works from either a 12v battery or mains power supply.
  • Total easily transferred to 1st innings without having to operate every function.
  • Option to have runs required displayed (1st innings + 1) instead of 1st innings total.
  • Runs required decrements as the total increments.


  • Size Length 250mm, Width 160mm Height 90mm
  • Weight 940g
  • Digits 10
  • Power 9-15v DC, 0.2 Amps.

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