Play Cricket Scorer Pro Interface

Designed for laptop and personal computers running the new
ECB Play Cricket Scorer Pro
software to communicate with all Bespoke Scoreboards


Wired or wireless connection to the scoreboard

Can be operated from a 12v battery (not included) or from 240v mains supply

Designed for Play Cricket Scorer Pro V2.1.1

Receives upto 20 data functions
  • Total
  • Wickets
  • Overs
  • Overs Remaining
  • Last Innings (First Innings)
  • Runs Required to Win (Target)
  • Target (total + 1)
  • Batsman A Ident Number
  • Batsman B Ident Number
  • Batsman A Score
  • Batsman B Score
  • Extras
  • Last Man
  • Last Wicket
  • Partnership
  • Current Run Rate (calculated ball by ball)
  • Required Run Rate (calculated ball by ball)
  • Bowler A Shirt Number
  • Bowler B Shirt Number
  • DLS Target (calculated ball by ball or at the end of the over)
  • DLS Par Score (calculated ball by ball or at the end of the over)
LED indications
  • Power ON
  • Receive Date
  • Transmit Data
Manual Functions
  • Reset - wipes the scoreboard and resets the digits to their initial display
  • Test Pattern - sets all the digits to display "8"
  • Refresh Scoreboard - sends the data which is stored in the buffer memory to the scoreboard
  • Umpires Light - Illuminates the Umpires Light on the scoreboard to acknowledge the umpires signals
Play Cricket Scorer Pro is available as a free download fom the ECB who also provide the software support

Code Description Comment Price  
  BE-PCSP Interface for Play Cricket Scorer Pro Interface unit, USB to serial cable, aerial and power supply 240.00

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