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We make our scoreboards to the highest standards using the best quality components but sooner or later even the most reliable products need a service.

Why is my scoreboard not working ?

Before you panic make a few simple checks with your scoreboard
  • Have I switched it on - it is surprising how many people do not connect the cables or forget to press the on switch.
  • If the scoreboard is battery powered have you conncted the battery and was it fully charged
  • If the scoreboard is wireless is the transmitter switched on and is the aerial connected.

  • The control panel should have the digits illuminated
  • The large control panel has a switch to turn the transmitter on - is the LED illuminated
  • Connect the control panel to the power pack using the lead supplied. For wired systems the LEDs should be illuminated when the power switch is on. For wireless systems the two charging LEDs should be illuminated.

  • The display on the scoreboard will not be illuminated if there is no data being received so check the data monitor LEDs. If valid data is being received then the DATA LED will be flickering
  • If you suspect that the wireless link is not working connect the control panel directly to the scoreboard using the wireless by-pass cable supplied.
  • For battery scoreboards the battery voltage may not be fully charged. A low battery voltage means that some of the LEDs will not be fully illuminated
Low Battery

some LEDs are not illuminated
Once you have checked these items and the board is still not working then phone our helpline 0113 252 5582

Please Note - our warranty is for 12 months from the date of invoice to you. This does not include any on site maintenance, costs of shipping to or from our factory, loss of profits or consequential or any other loss. All claims for repair under the warranty are at our discretion and are on a back to base basis. If you require an extended warranty or a maintenence contract please contact us.

Telephone support is free so please phone 0113 252 5582 or 0113 252 4956

To make the transaction easy we accept payment by credit or debit card, PayPal or by BACS.
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Phone 0113 252 4956 for details

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All Bespoke Scoreboards are designed and made in England by M-Jay Electronics Limited