Solar Power

Using the sun for free power to your scoreboard is easy with our new solar power kit

All the parts you need to start harnessing the suns rays are included - just install.

Wire the control box to the solar panel, the scoreboard and a leisure battery and away you go.

The kit contains
  • a 12v 120 watt solar panel
  • Cables
  • Control box which displays volts, solar panel current and the load current
  • Mounting kit
  • Instructions
You will also require a suitable leisure battery
(not included) to store the electric

Wall Mounting
Planning the installation.
Check your options for locating the solar panel
  • It will need to be in sunshine for as long as possible
  • Facing the sun (usually due south) at noon
  • There are no obstructions as they will adversly affect the performance
  • The suns altitude will change during the year and this also depends on the latitude. For the uk an angle of 65 degrees will be OK
  • It will need to be mounted on a rigit surface eg a vertical wall or a pole
Do not mount the panel
  • on a felt covered flat roof as the fixings may cause a leak
  • under trees or other obstructions which will restrict the sun on the panel
  • close to the ground where it may be damaged or vandalised
What can we expect.
  • On a sunny day you should expect an average charge of between 4 and 6 amps for most of the day
  • If it is sunny for 14 hours this will charge the battery with 56 to 84 AH which is enough to provide a full days cricket for most of our scoreboards
  • The panel will top up the battery whilst a game is in progress.
  • The current will be reduced in early mornings, late evenings and in the winter.
  • The control panel will automatically switch the scoreboard off if the battery volts are low

Code Description Comment Price  
  BE-SPP Solar power kit - pole mounting 120 watt solar panel, control unit, cables and pole mounting frame 240.00
  BE-SPW Solar power kit - wall mounting 120 watt solar panel, control unit, cables and wall mounting frame 240.00

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